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Our resident's experiences

Our residents share their what they experienced up until now. 

You can watch the whole report here

January 2023 - TVP1

Christmas Eve at Radymno

Kamil Prusinowski and Ela Gaweł from Fundacja Unitatem wished all of Poland a Merry Christmas.

December 2022 - Polsat News

Shattered Dreams of Ukraine

Clark Datchler and Neil Midgley on the new ‘Shattered Dreams of Ukraine’ charity single.

November 2022 - Sky News

CNN at Radymno

CNN come to Radymno and talk to refugees and Vice President Kamil Prusinowski. 

April 2022 - CNN

Renovations at Radymno

Poland Welcomes talkes about the renovations that are being done aat our Radymno shelter. 

April 2022 - Polsat News

CNN at Radymno

Kamil talkes about our shelter in Radymno and what we do to make sure our residents have the best possible living conditions. 

April 2022 - CNN

Polsat at Akademia Uśmiechu

Elżbieta Gaweł talkes about the kindergarden that our residnets kids go to. 

April 2022 - Polsat News

Poland Welcomes on BBC

Kamil speaks to BBC about how our charity operates and why we need more help.

March 2022 - BBC News

Poland Welcomes on BBC

Kamil and Neil talk about their collaboration and how Poland Welcomes started. 

March 2022 - BBC

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